Faizah Grootens


Faizah Grootens presents While You’re Here (Tanten bo ‘taki) from the 31st of March in Theater Kikker. Her work is characterized by the tenderness, accessibility and sensitivity, vulnerability, temperament, infinity, fluid circular movements and polyrhythms of the creolized dance forms that emerge through her Creole body language in a contemporary form.


– Introduce your work with three words: 

Voluptuous, intimate, synchronicity


– What themes do you love to explore?

The Caribbean body, Identity, endlessness, the sensing present bodily awareness.


– What does excite you?

FOOD and energy between people.


– What music do you use in the studio?

ÌFÉ, Tom van Wee, Neldrick Martis, Nils Frahm, Michael Lampe, Kuenta I Tambu


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