Helena Araújo


Introduce your work with three words.
Raw, poetic and daring

What themes do you love to explore?
I love to explore the many voices a body can resonate that brings sensuality, togertheness and expansion. And, the extreme voices that also appear in the process that go beyond any considered norm of beauty and harmony.
Worlds of Radical Softness and Pleasure Activism are there as a choreographic method, a portal to imagination and a caring work environment.
I love to write poems that play with the unpredictable, I love to change, challenge the normative logics.

What music do you use in the studio?
That to be honest depend on my mood, but I always start with Brazilian Funk or Reggaeton to bless the space I am in, then I continue with pop, like Rihanna or Beyoncé or Solange. But lets say that it depends what the piece or research needs, I also enjoy silence very much.

What does excite you?
Parties when people come together to celebrate something poetic and political interwined.
Caring and awake environments.

26/03, Tilburg, my gentle wild squirts with no chapter 2 >>>

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