Ian Ancheta


Introduce your work with three words.
Intimate, playful, drama


What themes do you love to explore?
In a very broad sense, I love exploring the simple joys and sorrows of being human.
Sometimes we forget that we are all the same, and I always try to be the reminder of that.


What music do you use in the studio?
It really depends on the mood! But lately, I haven’t gone to the studio without playing Reincarnation by Susanne Sundfor at least once!
Otherwise, it can go anywhere from Fat Freddy’s drop, Nathy Peluso to Nina Simone, if I am in a sing-a-long vibe definitely Adele.


What does excite you?
Uncertainty in performance…. the feeling that anything might go wrong (or right) at any moment is exhilarating.
Getting the “douze points!” for my favorite Eurovision entry is also quite exciting.


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