Keren Rosenberg


Keren Rosenberg will be presenting Re-Surface for our last 2022 stop: in Arnhem on the 2nd of June.
She is now busy developing her workshop series “Dance, Shamanism & Transformation”, which you can join for free!


– Introduce your work with three words: 

Every period is different, right now I can say: Dance, Shamanism & Transformation


– What themes do you love to explore?

As an artist I explores the theme of embodiment, energy, vibrations, reciprocity, connection, and emancipation. Through my Body-House method I approaches the body as a vessel that carries energy and vibrations, where skin functions as a two-way wall, mediating between the intimate space:what is underneath the skin and the outer-skin space. How does one feel and express his/her/their being underneath the skin and beyond. With that I design spaces and physical embodied rituals and creates performative experiences within them for humans to connect to themselves, to each other and to the universe around us. 


– What music do you use in the studio?

So many, I have tons of playlists, each playlist has a unique tone and emotional charge that based on that I select the playlist. It gotta feel like a DJ set. For this one I will share “vibrations from within” A playlist I created that will make you wanna get off YOUR ASS AND DANCE!!

– What does excite you?

Beautiful souls I encounter through the course of life, how we connect and resonate with each other .


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