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Argil & Hassani


“Growing up I was surrounded by creative people, they inspired me to become creative myself. After years of development, I am now giving something back to the community. I do this by teaching, but my team (X-gen) and I also created the ‘Scene Building Project,’ this project encourages children to learn and grow by working together through dance.” Argil Randon

Together with his dance partner Hassani, he joined Dansateliers for a talent development project called One Night’s Dance 2021.

Hassani Le Couvreur is 28 years old and was born in Paramaribo, Suriname. Hassani started at KL dance in 2010, there he was introduced to the styles Hiphop and House popping and Locking. After three years of studying and understanding the dance styles, Hassani discovered Shailesh Bahoran. Hassani immediately started following him and threw himself fully into this progressive way of popping. That same year, he also met Steve Nestar and learned all the basic techniques and flows of House. Hassani loves to see other people grow and flourish. He gets a lot of energy to do his part in that process through dance. In 2021, Hassani began further developing his skills as a creator during One Night’s Dance, a project for budding creators and a collaboration between Dance studios and Lloydscompany.

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