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Courtney May Robertson


Born in Scotland, Courtney May Robertson is a Rotterdam-based performer and maker. After graduating in 2013, she joined Club Guy & Roni’s Poetic Disasters Club. Since then she has performed frequently criss-crossing Europe in the work of Jan Martens, Connor Schumacher, Florentina Holzinger and others. In 2015 she began creating her own small-scale / DIY produced performances. Since 2020 she has been ‘artist in residence’ at ICK Artist Space in Amsterdam. That is also the year she received ‘De Troffel Prijs’ – Festival Cement’s incentive prize for young makers – and was nominated for the Roel Vernier Prize of Het Theater Festival in Belgium for her first full-length solo performance THE WOMAN DESTROYED.

At the end of 2021, Courtney May Robertson with the pleasure of stepping off a horse when it’s moving at full speed was selected as part of the #Twenty22 selection of the European platform Aerowaves. This platform receives more than 600 applications annually and shows during the Spring Forward Festival, the 20 selected makers. Aerowaves is an important springboard for a new generation of dance artists.

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