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Evangelos Biskas


Evangelos Biskas’ work moves between dance, theatre, music, visual arts and technology. His focus is on the intuition and instinct of the body. Absurdity, originality and humor are important themes in Evangelos’ work.

Evangelos Biskas was born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1994. He studied dance and choreography at the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg. As a performer he worked with Katja Heitmann and United Cowboys, among others, and danced in Guilherme Miotto – Corpo Máquina’s Even Worse.

Evangelos won the Moving Forward Young Dance Makers Award in 2016 and was nominated in the same year for the Jacques de Leeuw prize for his graduation performance Eternal Chilling. From 2017-2020, Evangelos was supported by DansBrabant within the scope of PLAN Talent Development Brabant. Since 2020 Evangelos has been part of Corpo Máquina Society.

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