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Joseph Simon


Joseph Simon was born in France and came into contact with dance through breakdance. His broad interests led him to gain experience in gymnastics, tricking and various basic forms of modern-jazz and ballet, among others. In 2014 he graduated from ArtEZ School of Dance in Arnhem. During his studies he investigated the relationship between urban dance forms and contemporary movement forms. His interest in this led to collaborations with Alida Dors, Jochen Heckmann, Erik Kaiel and Jean-Guillaume Weis, great sources of inspiration for him as a creator.

Since 2015, Joseph has been working under the wings of Dansateliers. Here he developed the concept for his solo Essais sur la danse classique, created Allegory of a Night during One Night’s Dance 2015, the solo Third Culture Kid (2016) and the duet Infinite Games (2017) in collaboration with Jonas Frey. His short dance film Le Faune and his performance Ballet Russe appeared as part of his Ballet Fantasies.

The common thread in all his work is the creation of so-called ‘Third Culture Spaces’. These are in-between spaces between and merging of dance languages and finding new forms in the process. His focus is mainly on ballet, breaking, house dance and recently also dance hall. His interest in Third Culture Spaces comes from his own background as a Third Culture Kid: a Frenchman raised in the Netherlands, Japan and Germany.

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