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Loraine Dambermont


Loraine Dambermont is a Belgian dancer and choreographer. Born in Liège in 1988, she has been based in Brussels for nearly 10 years. After graduating from Codarts and The Theaterschool – Academy of Dance and Arts in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, she focused on developing her own body language.By mixing several dance techniques; from Hip-hop to Contemporary dance, focusing mainly on popping and floor work, she works towards creating an explosive energy. She enjoys the power of precision while moving and makes restless choreographies she likes to channel through a meticulous musical structure. Through dynamic dance movement, Loraine Dambermont creates captivating performances, which highlight the beauty of gestures by inviting the audience to live this intense experience together. 

In 2013, she won a choreographic prize with the duet Buy My City at Amsterdam’s 16 MINUTES OF FAME festival, and since then started with her partner and friend Noora Hannula a deeper artistic collaboration. She has worked with The Nordic Beasts/Noora Hannula (Dk), Mute Comp. Physical theater (Dk), Michèle Anne De Mey (Be), Itamar Serussi (IL), Beppie Blankert (Nl), Etienne Rochefort (Fr), Zahrbat / Brahim Bouchelaghem (Fr) and recently Leslie Mannes (Be). She is currently touring her latest solo production Toujours de 3/4 face! in Belgium and abroad and working on a new work which will be premiered at La Biennale Pays de Danse de Liège on 14 February 2024. 

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