Movement artist and choreographer Ruben Chi is from Arnhem, Netherlands. Five times in a row he won the international Hiphop dance competition Juste Debout Holland and he is also a winner of the renowned Summer Dance Forever festival. With Soul Cypher Ruben is building a sustainable hip hop dance community in Arnhem. He is also co-founder of the Amsterdam Ghetto Funk Collective and dance maker at production houses De Nieuwe Oost and Introdans. Since 2020 he has been affiliated with Introdans as a choreographer, creating the performances Souldrums and The Alchemist.

At De Nieuwe Oost Ruben focuses on his ambitions as a choreographer/dance maker. In 2019 -2020, with the support of the Urban Arts Talent Scheme of Fonds Cultuurparticipatie, he worked on his first performance Moving Sounds, in which he combined his passion for hip-hop culture with musical influences from funk and jazz. In addition, he made the short film Building Bridges in 2020 and his second show Solitude premiered in late 2021. Inspired by the battle scene, Ruben brings locking, breakin’, house dance and hip hop to the theater.

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