Simon Bus, born in Hoensbroek, Netherlands, is already heavily impressed by the eccentric power moves of Kujo the Crazy Water Buffalo at the age of twelve. He grew up in Limburg and between 2004 and 2006 he was part of the fusion crew Limbonesia. Soon he is in the Dutch b-boy Championship and does numerous international competitions and shows. In 2013, he graduates from the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts & Design (Video-Visual Communication). In 2014, during De Nederlandse Dansdagen, he wins the Open Your Mind final.

As a performer he has been seen in the work of Suchan Kinoshita (opening Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 2012), Gotra/Joost Vrouenraets (C-boy, 2012 and Go Charlie, 2013) Andre ‘Drosha’ Grekhov (Boredom, 2016) and Shailesh Bahoran (Aghori 2017), among others. In recent years he has been dancing in Guilherme Miotto’s work: Shango Trio (2017), Two Boys (Maas Theatre and Dance 2017) and Even Worse (DansBrabant, 2017).

Simon Bus is one of the choreographers who co-shapes Corpo Máquina Society. Besides Simon, artistic director Guilherme Miotto, Evangelos Biskas, Shane Boers and Alesya Dobysh are the Corpo Máquina dance makers who follow each other, inspire each other and act as a platform together. Main common characteristic is their dedication to pure movement and their belief in its expressiveness. They work with everything the body has to offer us.

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