Joseph Simon


Joseph Simon will rock Rotterdam on the 29 and 30 of April with 4 different events!
He took the time to answer our Q&A for each one of them and explain what he will bring this year to Moving Futures:



1) Film: Chameleon
The camera turns to a lonesome creature, embodied in a chameleon. Its body is twisting of desire and ambiguity, searching or chasing after something. In an attempt to visually transmit the visceral, the camera dives under and into the textures of the skin. 

– Introduce your work with three words:
Ambiguous; visceral; slow

– What themes do you love to explore?
Themes of shape and movement patterns in the body and what can be narrated from there

– What music do you use in the studio?
I like to switch between deep house and Afro beats

– What does excite you?
Daily discovery of new detail in the studio work



2) Performance and premiere of Duet ‘Wrapped’
Choreography: Tuan Tran and Joseph Simon
Dance: idem

In this duet, Tuan Tran and Joseph Simon explore familiar places of discomfort; the entanglements our thoughts, actions and relationships wrap us into again and again until they become familiar constraints.

To be wrapped around something familiar; A nice warm blanket on a cold day, your favourite sweater or jacket, a nice feeling of a memory, someone’s arms around you, or… the darkness that has you so tightly in its grip that it feels like you can’t breathe and you don’t know how to get rid of it because, it’s the only thing that feels… familiar.

– Introduce your work with three words:
Wrapping, strangulating, ambiguous

– What themes do you love to explore?
The ambivalence of life

– What music do you use in the studio?
Classical, house dance, soundscapes and cinematic music

– What does excite you?
Discovering something new




1) Sticky Feet X Dancehall
An event about bridging cultures and practices in dance and beyond through an encounter between two dance cultures: Sticky Feet -my own choreographic practise based on ballet- and Dancehall -a popular dance style from Jamaica. 

– Introduce your work with three words:
Elegant, groovy and transcultural

– What themes do you love to explore?
Bridging the folkloristic aspects of ballet with the groove and flavour of Dancehall

– What music do you use in the studio?
Dancehall and Italian renaissance music

– What does excite you?
Finding sassy, nonchalant and elegant forms of expression



2) Closure night at Rotterdam Moving Futures :   Third Culture Jam X House Jam
Collaboration of two Rotterdam based dance jams: Third Culture Jam and House Jam Rotterdam come together to bring different dance crowds together to dance and celebrate the closure of Moving Futures Rotterdam and its vibrant dance scene. 


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