There is lots to be discussed while diving into the notion of equity. But how does it take shape in practice?

During a three-day Atelier (17-19 May), part of the European Dancehouse Network programme, we explore different attempts at approaching equity as an integral part of dance practices. Dance artists Connor Schumacher, Jija Sohn and Aleksandra Lemm, and Christian Guerematchi each curate a day and were given the opportunity to invite other artists. The Atelier focusses on sharing embodied practices and tools for working from a (more) equitable ground. During the Atelier the invited artists will share their tools in practising and embodying equity – e.g. in the way we organise ourselves professionally and in artistic choice making. During the course of the three days, we will awaken our soft skills and explore through them tools for inviting and exercising equitability in the context and relation of our moving bodies before arriving into our own bodies and artistic choice-making. 

 For this Atelier we invite dance artists as well as cultural professionals working in the performing arts to actively participate in these shared embodied explorations.   

 17 – 18 – 19 May: EDN Atelier “The Body of Skill and Opportunity”

  • 17 May: Dansateliers, Rotterdam: 12:00-18:00, co-curated by Connor Schumacher
  • 18 May: Dansateliers, Rotterdam: 10:00-17:00, co-curated by Jija Sohn and Aleksandra Lemm
  • 19 May: ICK Dans Amsterdam: 10:00-17:00, co-curated by Christian Guerematchi

Additional: 19 May: Moving Futures Festival Amsterdam in Theater Bellevue

Passe-partouts and day tickets available

 The Atelier is co-organised by Dansateliers Rotterdam and ICK Dans Amsterdam and takes place both in Rotterdam (17+18 May) and Amsterdam (19 May). EDN Atelier participants will travel from Rotterdam to Amsterdam by train after the session on May 18th.

 All participants are invited for the opening night of the Moving Futures Festival in Amsterdam (Dansateliers and ICK-Artist Space are both a partner of this network) during the evening of 19 May, with performances by Emma Evelein & Remy Tilburg, Nick Deroo, and Shelfish/Veerle van Overloop.

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