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Jefta Tanate


Jefta Tanate graduated from ArtEZ’s dance school and entered the Dutch dance world through his internship with Scapino Ballet. He worked with Arch8, Johannes Wieland, Panama Pictures and RITUAL. In 2017, Jefta was nominated for a Swan for “most impressive dance performance” with his role in Jasper van Luijk’s The Definition of Now. In 2022, he was nominated again, this time for a Young Swan for his performance in Birds by Dalton Jansen and Anne Maike Mertens, by DOX and Theater Rotterdam.

In his dance career, Jefta has used multiple techniques and methods, such as contact improvisation, Martial Arts and circus, in which he further developed at Maas Theater & Dance, Panama Pictures and Arch8. Since 2022, he has been a creator at Theater a/d Rijn, where he will make two productions.

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