Trevoga is an emerging Amsterdam dance collective, currently formed by alumni of the Amsterdam School of the Arts Neda Ruzheva (BG, 1999), Antonina Pushkareva (RU, 2000) and Erikas Žilaitis (LT, 1999), graduating in 2021/2022/2023. Trevoga has been supported by ICK Dans Amsterdam since 2023.

With the performance 11 3 8 7, Trevoga is a striking newcomer in the (inter)national field with a number of awards: winner of Best of Fringe Award 2023 and Aerowaves Twenty24. Connected by their experiences of growing up in the shadowy socio-political context of post-Soviet reconstruction, they grew up with a fascination for overlaps between oppression and seduction. This contradiction is the basis of Trevoga’s work, in which flashy figures of style from popular media and high culture go hand in hand with an everyday sense of unease.

Playing unapologetically and incoherently with genres, registers and symbols, the trio gnaw away at the mental assault of the fast-paced city they live in, seeing their bodies as symptoms of the myriad addictions and the stage as a means of disentangling the many dissonant processes and contradictory forces.

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