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Yoko Haveman


Yoko Haveman (Brazilian/Japanese, 1994), is a Dutch interdisciplinary maker in theater and film, with a background in physical theater, photography and martial arts. What encompasses and inspires her work is human behavior philosophy, cinematography, and physicality. Haveman seeks constant connection and friction, both verbal and non-verbal, while embracing absurdity by combining reality and illusion. In addition, Yoko explores the ephemeral of everyday life by enhancing sensory perceptions of the performative self and the viewer.
Her recent work, Solastalgia, is a full-length evening music and dance concert with the eccentric indie band LUKA. The theme revolves around nostalgia for a lost world. In addition, Haveman works as a dramaturge and movement advisor for theater and film, providing advice for creators and shaping choreography and composition. Creations she has been involved are for example, Paradise Lost by Jordy Tempelman, Bewogen by Noa Zevenbergen, and The Woman Destroyed/Hunter by Courtney May Robertson This year, she will be directing her upcoming film, called Nosebleed, in association with Shifft Utrecht and Gemeente Rotterdam.  

In 2022, Haveman was nominated for the Young Swan Award for the most impressive dance performance by the Association of Theater and Concert Hall Directors (VSCD).

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